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Vortex™ Potting Soil.

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Vortex™ Potting Soil

High performance formula consisting of a blend of five beneficial compost, mineral sand, expanded shale and perlite. We add Biozome to further increase microbial activity. The Vortex™ Potting Soil is modeled by the research done by the Soil Food Web, Inc. The Vortex™ Potting Soil can be used for all your container gardening needs.

If you should decide to start seeds, please be sure to screen the Vortex due to the expanded shale and mineral sand. You can successfully grow house plants, annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, citrus, succulents, and cacti in this potting soil. Vortex Potting Soil is compost based and will produce a leachate of compost tea. We recommend that you protect sensitive surfaces from staining.

Ingredients: A blend of five superior compost, Super Natural Expanded Shale, Biozome

Two bag sizes: .5 cu. ft. and 1.5 cu. ft.