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Hill Country Garden Soil.

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Hill Country Garden Soil

A balanced blend of five types of composts, mineral sands, and reclaimed composted topsoil. The Hill Country Garden Soil is modeled by the research done by the Soil Food Web, Inc. This blend contains both fungal and bacterial microorganisms which make it perfect to plant an array of plants in a garden at one time. Ideal for vegetable, herb and flower gardens, native and xeric landscapes. For natives and xeric landscapes, mix one part Hill Country with two or three parts of existing soil and use little or no fertilizer.

For Trees and Shrubs use the native existing soil to back fill mixed with up to twenty percent Hill Country as an amendment in the top four inches.

Ingredients: A blend of five superior composts, Humates, Dispersul, Composted topsoil, Decomposed Granite

Bag size: 1 cu. ft.