Lady Bug Natural Brand.


Organic Fertilizing is Economical and Preferred

Chemical fertilizers interrupt the natural nutrient exchange between soil, soil microbes, and plant roots. This creates a dependency, whereby plants soon require near-constant feeding. The result is a gradual degradation of soil and plant health, making plants vulnerable to diseases and pests. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, feed the soil microbes which in turn feed the plants. This is a natural, self-sustaining system. Over time, the organic method is cheaper than using chemicals because fewer applications are needed. In addition, gardeners are less likely to spend money on products to control pests and diseases.

Soil Amendments

For optimum health and growth of all of our plants, ranging from vegetables to trees, our soils need help. A clay soil needs compost, expanded shale and a liquid soil activator to improve permeability, drainage, aeration, and nutrient availability. In a sandy soil, compost, expanded shale and a liquid soil activator can also help bind the loose texture of sand, and improve moisture and nutrient retention. All soils profit from the beneficial microorganisms contained in a high quality, properly prepared compost. Such compost contributes to disease suppression an increased fertility as beneficial microbes break down complex soil ingredients into available nutrients and compete with or destroy harmful microbes. Many soils also need the addition of minerals, and greensand is a mineral rich amendment that also improves soil texture. Overall, a plant growing in a rich and healthy soil is more resistant to diseases and pests, more productive, and provides for the mere humans who view it a pleasant experience. Lady Bug brand knows how to turn all soils into rich and healthy home for our prized plants.


Soils – Passionate Gardeners Dig Our Dirt

Soils are the foundation of any planting. Good soils produce good plants. Gardeners who have ever labored over plants struggling in poor soils know the value of that foundation. The proper ratio of soil, organic matter, minerals, nutrients, micro-organisms and pore space is critical, whether gardening in actual garden soil or in containers. Lady Bug brand knows the difference between plain old dirt and rich productive soil. It’s the difference between a plant simply surviving – and thriving.

With decades of experience along with laboratory testing behind our recipes, gardeners can trust Lady Bug Brand to bring success to their gardening experience.


Mulching is the finishing touch in gardening and landscaping that is crucial to success. Without mulch, even the best soil in the world is exposed to pounding rains and scorching sun, becoming susceptible to erosion, runoff, weeds, and compaction.