Applying Terra Tonic is like giving your soil and compost pile a multi-vitamin! Our Terra Tonic formula contains humic acid, seaweed, molasses, compost tea, and a soil activator to break down salt levels and stimulate microbial life. It also unlocks minerals from the soil, stimulating enzymes and amino acid activity to encourage beneficial fungi and help plants cope with stress. An excellent choice for soils that have been routinely fertilized with synthetic fertilizers or amended with manure, which is high in salts. Terra Tonic can also be used to stimulate the soil in well-established container plantings.

Available in: 1 qu. and 1 gal. bottles

Application Rates:
– 1 qu. will cover 1,600 sq. ft.
– Shake well before use. Mix 1 oz. (2 tbsp.) of Terra Tonic per 1 gal. of water. Apply to your garden, lawn, or compost pile once every winter, spring, summer, and fall.
– Terra Tonic can be applied directly after spreading any of our granular fertilizers, such as All Purpose Fertilizer 8-2-4, to help the fertilizer’s nutrients become available more quickly.
– Not recommended for use on mature head plants, such as cabbage or lettuce.

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