Sylvan Formula is a combination of aged hardwood mulch, compost, Magic Sand, basalt, molasses, and cornmeal. This living mulch blend is alive with beneficial microbes. Sylvan Formula is perfect for mulching flower beds as well as top-dressing around trees and shrubs twice a year.

Available in: 1.5 cu. ft. bag

Application Rates:
– For trees: apply Sylvan Formula 1-2 times a year. Always begin outside the root flare of the tree trunk and move outward to cover the entire drip area underneath the canopy with a ½-2” top-dressing.
– For shrubs and garden beds: apply Sylvan Formula 1-2 times a year. Top-dress the beds with a ½-3” layer of Sylvan Formula, taking care not to push it up against the base of the plant.

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