Ole Barrel 99 Mulch is a finely ground hardwood bark mulch, perfectly aged to a natural dark brown color without the use of dyes. And with the rich aged-wood smell of whiskey barrels, this mulch is a treat for your nose as well as your plants! Use Ole Barrel 99 Mulch in your garden beds, containers, and around trees and shrubs twice a year.

Available in: 2 cu. ft. bags

Application Rates:
A 2 cubic foot bag will cover 24 sq. ft. at 1” depth, or 12 sq. ft. at 2” depth.
– For trees: spread ½-2” inches of Ole Barrel 99 Mulch. Always begin outside the root flare of the tree trunk out to the drip area.
– For flowering plants and shrubs: spread 1-3” of Ole Barrel 99 Mulch in flower and shrub beds. Be sure to keep Ole Barrel 99 Mulch at least 1 to 2 inches from the stems of your plants.
– For edible gardens: spread 1-3”of Ole Barrel 99 Mulch in your vegetable or herb gardens. Always be sure not to place Ole Barrel 99 Mulch too close to the stems.

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