Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer™ Compost


Revitalizer Compost Blend is our best-selling compost. It contains a blend of humus and manure composts, beneficial microbes, and absolutely no biosolids. We select the highest quality compost available and blend this product one batch at a time to ensure quality and consistency. Use Revitalizer in spring and fall to topdress the lawn, mulch around trees and shrubs, enrich garden soils, and loosen heavy clay and compacted soils.

Available in: 1.5 cu. ft. bag

Application Rates:
– For vegetable, flower, and herb gardens: blend a 1-3” layer of Revitalizer Compost Blend into beds every planting season. Mulch around vegetable plants with ½” of Revitalizer Compost Blend after planting. For established perennials, mulch with ½-1” of Revitalizer Compost Blend twice a year.
– For rose gardens: for new roses, blend 1 bag of Revitalizer Compost Blend with your soil and backfill around the roses. For established roses, spread 1” of Revitalizer Compost Blend around each rose twice a year.
– For lawns: top-dress the lawn with ¼ – ½” of Revitalizer Compost Blend in the spring and fall.
– For shrubs and trees: spread 1” of Revitalizer Compost Blend around shrubs and trees in spring and fall as a mulch.
– For Aerobic Compost Tea: use Revitalizer Compost Blend as a part of your favorite Aerobic Compost Tea recipe.

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