Mushroom Compost is ideal for top-dressing established perennials and flower beds as well as trees and shrubs. We take the mushroom growing substrate directly from the growers straight to our composting facility where we run it through the entire composting process, ensuring the highest quality. Our Mushroom Compost adds a wide array of beneficial microbes back into the soil, helping to create healthy, beautiful plants.

Available in: 1 cu. ft. bag

Application Rates:
– For vegetable, flower, and herb gardens: blend a 1-2” layer of Mushroom Compost into beds every planting season. Mulch around vegetable plants with ½” of Mushroom Compost after planting. For established perennials, mulch with ½-1” of Mushroom Compost twice a year.
– For rose gardens: for new roses, blend 1 bag of Mushroom Compost with your soil and backfill around the roses. For established roses, spread 1” of Mushroom Compost around each rose twice a year.
– For lawns: top-dress the lawn with ¼ – ½” of Mushroom Compost in the spring and fall.
– For shrubs and trees: spread 1” of Mushroom Compost around shrubs and trees in spring and fall as a mulch.
– For Aerobic Compost Tea: use Mushroom Compost as a part of your favorite Aerobic Compost Tea recipe.

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