Farm Style Compost is perfect for immediate use in everything from your vegetable garden to your lawn. This properly composted cow manure helps to boost essential microbial activity and soil carbon to enhance overall soil quality. Use it in spring and fall as a natural mulch around trees and shrubs, or mix it in with your garden soil for a lighter texture and added moisture retention.

Available in: 1.5 cu. ft. bag

Application Rates:
– For vegetable, flower, and herb gardens: blend a 1-3” layer of Farm Style Compost into beds every planting season. Mulch around vegetable plants with ½” of Farm Style Compost after planting. For established perennials, mulch with ½-1” of Farm Style Compost twice a year.
– For rose gardens: for new roses, blend 1 bag of Farm Style Compost with your soil and backfill around the roses. For established roses, spread 1” of Farm Style Compost around each rose twice a year.
– For lawns: top-dress the lawn with ¼ – ½” of Farm Style Compost in the spring and fall.
– For shrubs and trees: spread 1” of Farm Style Compost around shrubs and trees in spring and fall as a mulch.
– For Aerobic Compost Tea: use Farm Style Compost as a part of your favorite Aerobic Compost Tea recipe.

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