What is Square Foot Gardening? It is a simple system that adapts to all levels of gardening experience, physical ability and geographical location. For a more in-depth perspective please see the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. You, may also be interested in the book by John Jeavons about bio-intensive gardening titled How Grow More Vegetables.

The Basic Ideas of Intensive Raised Bed Gardening

Pick an area that receives at least 6 to 9 hours of full sun daily. Place the garden in an area that will be convenient for you to visit often.
The size of your bed will be up to you. You may choose any length or height. You typically want the width to be 3 to 4 feet apart. You will build your bed out of non-treated lumber, stone or cinder blocks.
Space the beds at least 3 feet apart to form walking aisles.
Fill boxes with the Lady Bug Raised Bed Blend. If you want to mix your own use the Revitalizer Compost for the blend of compost, peat moss and vermiculite.
In-corporate a good organic fertilizer into the soil such as Flower Power 4-6-4 , All Purpose 8-2-4 or the Healthy Harvest 3-6-6.
You will practice was is called intercropping or companion planting. See our handout on Companion planting. This will allow you to grow different types of vegetables in a small space. When these plants are placed together they will help also to deter pest, weeds and share nutrients.
You will want to select healthy strong transplants and purchase seeds. When planting use Pachamama Earthworm Castings to increase success of seed germination and for strong sturdy roots.
Use soaker hoses or a drip system. This allows for deep watering.
Extra Care
You may choose to foliar feed every two weeks with John’s Recipe.
When you harvest pick what you will need and share the rest.


When the plant’s production has ceased you may carefully pull the plant. You will then amend that bed with compost such as Revitalizer, Farmstyle or All American Turkey. You will start the process over again.

Remember to have fun and we will see you in the Garden!!!

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