We know that if you are visiting our website you must have an interest in gardening. Well we are here to help. Lady Bug Natural Brand is based on providing our customers with the best high quality gardening products. Our products work in conjunction with the life of the soil. Great gardening techniques begin with compost, we have four varieties to offer. Our Revitalizer Compost is a blend of six types of compost, All American Turkey is composted turkey litter, Farmstyle is composted cow manure and Pachamama Earthworm Castings is the finest nature has to offer. We have several soil blends that are ready to use try our Hill Country Garden Soil, Rose Magic, Raised Bed Blend, Vortex Potting Soil and we produce a seed starter blend called Germinator. If you are looking to fertilize we make three certified organic fertilizers. Each one of them is granulated and formulated for different gardening needs. Try our All Purpose 8-2-4, Flower Power 4-6-4 and our newest addition Healthy Harvest 3-6-6 with extra micro-nutrients. If you enjoy foliar feeding our John’s Recipe is great for the plant and the soil. Looking for other soil amendments we have a wide variety. Simply use the tool bar to the left. Click on Products. Have more questions email us at info@ladybugbrand.com Happy Gardening